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Single mum to 2 girls, Ruby and Roxy, Leanne  has always worked hard to set an example to her children. In 2018, following her mum’s diagnosis of cysts on her liver, she made the decision to look after her children rather than her parents. It was time for her to get a job with better hours. 

“My Sister-in-Law Hannah runs her own salon and gave me a job helping her out. Hannah asked me if I’d like to do nails and at first, I was worried that I wouldn’t be any good. I brought a cheap set and did a friend’s nails, and I knew straight away where I’d gone wrong, and realised it was something I liked. So I self-taught myself for a few months whilst trying to save to complete a nail technician course. Being a single mum working part-time trying to find this kind of money was hard. It was then that I was recommended Foundations. I looked into it and my first thought was this is too good to be true. I signed up for the Nail Technology course, and other than my children it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done. My teacher is amazing. The support I’ve received from her on and off the course has been the best. I couldn’t have wished for a better tutor”.



By the time Jordan graduated from University with a Fashion Degree, he had already developed a passion for make-up. Using himself as his model, he found that his love for applying make-up far outweighed his clothing interests.

“I had been looking for somewhere to study for a while and found Foundations online. After a short call with Julie, I was invited in for a chat. As I had studied before and love make-up, I knew it was right for me. The smaller class sizes also reassured me that I was going to be OK studying there. I got on well with Julie from that first chat. I love being at Foundations, I wish it was more than once a week. I have made friends, and it’s good because we are all adults. I feel different from being there. My tutor Mel, and Julie, are aware that I have been struggling in my personal life, having lost someone special, and they care how I am. They make sure that I am OK, and we get on like friends rather than the teacher-student relationship you would get in a school. I feel a purpose with them. They are so welcoming to me and their support is endless both personally and academically.”