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The #FoundationsFamily

The #FoundationsFamily is something truly special and unique. Inspired by Managing Director Julie Arrowsmith, it is a concept that has been with the academy from the beginning. Learners are welcomed into the #FoundationsFamily when they enrol.

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I am incredibly proud of the #FoundationsFamily and what we have built; there is a real sense of family and warmth within the academy. I am delighted that it has allowed people to better themselves and grow through training. This, in turn, has provided a better quality of life for them, their children, and their wider families.

I see the potential that enrolling in a course at Foundations has on a person’s future, and I wanted to make it a place where people felt comfortable in their surroundings, brought them together, and encouraged them to go further and be motivated. A professional learning environment was achieved by combining a beautiful yet functional academy, with courses written by industry experts, which are delivered by highly qualified, engaging, and experienced tutors.

For some people, the academy and what it offers changes their lives. Studying with Foundations has helped people find their way again, putting them back on the right track when the future didn’t look too promising. Parents have felt a sense of relief that their (adult) child is turning things around, whilst many partners experience a huge sense of proudness. This is often met in equal measures with the relief that the financial side will benefit the family.

For many, walking through the academy’s door is an unfamiliar situation – having not been in a learning environment since school. Their confidence levels can be low as they have been isolated, with many having severe low self-esteem having never completed or achieved anything significant. Whilst it is unfamiliar, I have strived to make sure learners are made to feel welcome, comfortable, nurtured, happy, and part of the #FoundationsFamily, which in turn encourages them to continue, complete the course and gain a sense of achievement in a supported environment with like-minded individuals. We build their confidence and make them believe again that they can do whatever they dream of.

I welcome all learners who study one of our Diplomas in an enrolment. I ensure I take the time to learn what their motivations for training with us are, and what they hope to achieve out of it. 20 weeks down the line I sometimes cannot believe the transformation which has taken place. The growth in confidence, determination, and overall happiness is infectious. I am passionate about supporting people in the local community to find jobs and progress in their careers.

For me, my greatest sense of achievement is having been able to allow over 360 people the opportunity to transform their lives, see them complete their training, and hear of their successes.

Image courtesy of StokeonTrentLive and The Sentinel.

Julie Arrowsmith

Managing Director